Refurbished Vending Machine

PPE and Specialized Vending Machines

Specialised Vending

Multi- Capability PPE/Pharmaceutical/ Electronic Goods/Electronic Cigarettes / Creams and Lotions/Gym Supplements/Sanitary Products/USB sticks/ Drill Bits/Masks/Gloves
Vending (Specifically NON-TRADITIONAL Items)

The strategic placement, supply and installation of Vending Machines to vend a cross range of products within a niche target segment

Unit to be fitted with the necessary technology to track and monitor items vended.

The Business Case
In order to formulate a logical and swift business decision we have summarised our entire proposal in one easy to understand page that may facilitate the decision making process.

The following outline clearly indicates what is expected from both parties and can be amended or altered to find a mutually beneficial framework from which we can all progress from.

As we are both entering into new territories the marriage between Spares Vending & traditional vending can always be contentious and it should be clearly understood that the proposed vending machines are bespoke to suit your specific requirements.

From the outset we would like to ensure that should we be successful in our proposals that we are able to build a long term relationship with your-selves and hence we prescribe to complete transparency.

The Vending Company – Commitments & Understandings

  • TVC will supply the said vending machines as per spec provided.
  • The installation and roll-out plan of the vending machines is an additional cost .
  • TVC undertakes to sign an SLA as per THE CLIENT normal operating standards.
  • TVC will present THE CLIENT references as per request.
  • TVC undertakes to supply “beyond expectation” service within reason.
  • All equipment to have the facility to accept employee cards or access cards.
  • TVC undertakes to offer initial training on the operation of the vending machines to Field Tech Support Staff & Merchandising Training to the relevant merchandisers. This is a one off training session and there is no additional charge.
  • Should you require that staff need to be re-trained or require further training, there is a small fee. See Pricing.
  • All machines to have operating instructions in English & One other Language of your choice.
  • TVC to respond to any and all call-outs or breakdowns for machine repairs within 72 Hours or sooner. (Gauteng).


  • THE CLIENT are to supply the necessary electrical plug points for all the required units.
  • THE CLIENT to supply exact installation addresses of all locations accompanied with photograph.
  • THE CLIENT to provide an accurate and detailed roll-out plan of proposed sites 15 Days prior to installation date.
  • THE CLIENT to inform TVC of any changes and or requests in writing via e-mail.
  • THE CLIENT to furnish TVC with the necessary access card/s to enable free movement within the necessary zones in order to facilitate a smooth running operation.
  • THE CLIENT to inform TVC of any special circumstances and or Induction courses 2 weeks in advance.